Doing Business In Switzerland

The article gives you information on Doing Business In Switzerland. One of the most stable modern market economies with a low unemployment rate today is Switzerland. This peaceful and prosperous nation has a highly skilled labor force and an impressive per capita GDP. Moreover, the country has reformed its economic practices to increase their competitiveness in the international market and conform to EU standards. If you are looking to invest in a business then Switzerland is one of the safest places to watch your investments grow.

Doing Business In Switzerland

Among the main sectors that are open for business are bio-industries, agriculture, seafood products, consumer products, food & beverages, advanced manufacturing technologies, health industries, and information technology. Switzerland has four official languages namely German, French, Romansch, and Italian. The diversity that these cultures bring has made Switzerland a major market in Europe for testing new technology products and services that are launched in Europe.

The Swiss are known to be conservative despite their openness towards technology and adhere to the rules of business. So, if you are going to do business in Switzerland you need be aware of how you ought to go about it. To begin with, the Swiss believe in being punctual so make sure you are early for an appointment. Arrive twenty minutes ahead and you are sure to impress your Swiss client. However, make sure you work on appointments only, since the Swiss believe in meeting with prior appointment only.

When attending a business meeting for the first time, make sure to avoid casual attire unless the industries are IT or the arts where jeans or casual attire are standard. Be polite when conversing and refrain from asking personal questions. The Swiss respect privacy and will not start up any conversation about your personal life. In a business meeting make sure you stick to etiquette and wait to air your point of view. You can be certain of receiving full attention from your Swiss partner, and they will rarely forget the minutes of your meeting.

When it comes to striking a business deal in Switzerland, remember that the German and French Swiss are logical thinkers, while the Italian Swiss like to get personally involved in business deals. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards to each meeting. Include your rank and the founding date of your company so that they are aware of how long you have been in business. It would be prudent to find out in advance if the businessmen you are to meet are proficient in English. If not, it would be wise to have an interpreter with you.

At a meeting you can expect a Swiss to get down to business immediately (I remember one instance where a Swiss IT manager registered a trademark in the middle of a meeting, because he ‘wanted to get started right away’)! Remember, the Swiss don’t like taking risks and you will need to provide enough information on your business plan or procedure. A good ploy is to summarize your presentation before you go into the finer details. The Swiss are good at making deals, never make hasty decisions or succumb to any pressure tactics. Keep these factors in mind and you will soon be well on your way to striking a successful business deal with your Swiss counterpart.

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