Credit Repair Services: Can they Help?

The article concerns the following question Credit Repair Services: Can they Help? Type credit repair services into any search engine and you are bound to find thousands of results. It is one of the most recent credit related business windfalls. Everyone wants to help you repair your credit for a fee.

Credit Repair Services: Can they Help

Credit is big business and everyone wants to benefit and profit from someone else’s bad situation. But you really need to ask whether these credit repair services can help you. How do you really know what they will do for you after they have your money. The truth is most financial experts advise against using these types of services.

Before we continue, we should clarify the differences in the two types of credit repair services. Non-profit organizations and other debt relief agencies are there specifically to help those in financial trouble.

They do, in fact counsel individuals in order to guide clients and help them to improve their credit scores and get their financial picture back on track. The other types of companies are just that – companies. They are in business to make money from your situation and they need to be profitable. In fact, many of these so called credit repair services and websites that you find all over the internet are mere frauds.

Upon reading the FTC website and actual press releases announcing criminal action, there are several issues that make these credit repair companies and mortgage relief services ineffectual and misleading. First, they take upfront fees and there is no guarantee that anything will be done on behalf of the clients who paid. Second, the companies are stating that they can remove negative information from the client’s report. In fact, companies that have been investigated and shut down were actually promising this to clients whose information was accurate.

There was nothing to fix. Third, the companies have stolen money from clients by withdrawing funds for services from their bank accounts without valid contracts. Fourth, some claim to guarantee results in sixty days with no payments upfront, but nothing happens and advances are billed.

Often credit repair services, mortgage relief services, and foreclosure relief companies are not in business to help you. Many are predatory, and capitalize on the financial suffering of others. Having said that, however, there are many companies who have been around for some years and who legitimately help clients.

So before you hand your money over to some scam, read the company’s history, determine whether they have free consultations, and read this informative page from the Federal Trade Commission entitled “Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself”.

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