Conducting Business With An Indian

That article is about Conducting Business With An Indian. A story is told about a person who wanted to do business in India. He had all the necessary contacts and everything seemed to be moving on so well since his was a capital-intensive type of investment until all of a sudden his Indian contacts pulled out at the last minute without any reason. This is India for you, and in order for you to conduct any business, you have to have first studied the market and its dynamics. Apparently, there are some things that would not appeal to the Indians yet they would to you.

Conducting Business With An Indian

The truth about India is the fact that there is such a unique cultural background that requires that you first get to understand how it works. The uniqueness in the culture means that there is a dynamic set of needs, which translates to a different approach business wise. Not many foreigners make it in terms of starting and running businesses in India due to this fact. It is worth noting that it may take a century to have your new product accepted in an Indian market simply because foreign products are considered unsafe.

Indians are known to value their families and they put family fist before even work. With this understanding, it would appear disrespectful for you when you start employing aggressiveness in the business. It is of importance that you give an Indian time to do things at his own pace , bearing in mind the fact that he may pull out of any deal that you had with him citing things such as disrespect and your being excessively pushy. Take your time and slowly explain to them why you think it is necessary to hurry some things up as you negotiate business deals.

Bearing in mind that Indians are used to hierarchy type of businesses where the responsibility of not meeting deadlines are shouldered by those who are older, criticism should be directed at people in a constructive manner such that their personal esteem is not damaged. Indians are not used to the western methods (Gender Equality has no realism in India) of working where each individual is responsible for their own work, but are rather used to the system in which a supervisor takes them through work and he shoulders responsibilities of any issues arising.

In India, grownups are allowed time to speak before anyone else and are not openly contradicted. With this information, you should not try to contradict an elder Indian when negotiating for a deal or when doing business. In most cases, even the learned Indians will at one time or the other hesitates to respond even in cases where an older Indian has gone wrong. Silence in this case does not mean that they totally agree with whatever is being said but that they are just being respectful.

You can always find time, then go, and try to convince them some other time. Most Indians are not used to humor in the workplace and you should therefore refrain from such as much as possible. Though the slightly educated ones will somehow acknowledge the significance of humor, most of the older ones may find your jokes distracting.

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