Can I get a Ph.D Online?

The article concerns the question – Can I get a Ph.D Online? For those individuals seeking to rise to the top of their respective fields, a doctorate (PhD) is a must. This is the highest level attainable, in any field, and, aside from earning the right to be addressed as “Doctor”, makes successful students extremely marketable.

Can I get a Ph.D Online

Those few who have pursued their fields, to this level, are academically eligible to take on any job in their field. This makes the possibilities, for such individuals, close to limitless. Unfortunately, such a qualification usually requires a great many years of study, and is considerably more difficult than lower-level programs.

Up until very recently, such an endeavour required not only great investment of money, and time, but also the sacrifice of current lifestyle, for a number of years, while pursuing the doctorate. The possibility now exists, however, to earn a PhD online, and has revolutionized possibilities for aspiring students. Numerous online institutions offer these programs and, while many are nothing but scams, a few legitimate online programs, do, exist. Many, but not all, of these are offered by actual campus-based universities.

As with all other programs, but perhaps more importantly, you need to ensure that the PhD program you are pursuing is accredited. You also need to find out how seriously your degree will be taken by authorities in your field; companies, universities, research laboratories, etc. This in-depth investigation is exceptionally important given the significant investment of time, effort, and money involved, even though these are greatly reduced by pursuing it online.

You also need to check out the type of study required. Any PhD programme that can be complete entirely online, with no physical presence whatsoever, is likely to be, either a scam, or a genuine programme that is woefully inadequate. Most accredited, and industry respected, online PhD programs will require your presence at some form of research facility, perhaps in the form of a camp.

During this time critical, rapid thinking, and the ability to develop new ideas, key to earning a doctorate, will come into play. This is because, while lower level degrees involve being taught information, a doctorate is more about discovering new information for yourself, which makes it far more difficult, though not impossible, to do largely online.

Assuming you earn an accredited, respected PhD online, not only will you be eligible for the highest ranked, and highest paying, jobs in your field, you can also teach/lecture at any level. This opens up the possibility of becoming a lecturer at a tertiary institution, or being able to join a team of researchers, in your field, at various institutes.

Take into consideration, however, that while employers are accepting online PhDs more readily, universities, and colleges, are still in the early stages of considering such qualifications, alongside those attained on an actual campus. This may make becoming a professor, or researcher, at these places a long shot, though not impossible. The corporate world, however, will embrace an accredited online PhD much more readily, making it a worthy endeavor.

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