Buying Atlanta Real Estate At Yard Sales

That article is about Buying Atlanta Real Estate At Yard Sales. I have a friend who uses a unique method for finding real estate before it hits the market. You may be asking why would you want to buy a home before it is listed. Well, after a property is listed by an agent the price automatically goes up on it. All of the extra fees that are designed to compensate the commissions for the sale are tacked onto the asking price the minute an agent agrees to list it.

Buying Atlanta Real Estate At Yard Sales

Buying Atlanta real estate using this method requires a bit of research and a bit of skill. If you know how to write offers and complete the purchasing process on your own, then this will come easy to you. If, however, you are new to the real estate business, you may want to find an agent to assist you at a discount or take a few classes before trying this.

Another skill you should have is the ability to determine within a reasonable amount just what a home’s selling value should be. You can learn this by looking at several Atlanta real estate properties that are currently listed. Taking the time to learn and become a good estimator of property values will help both you and your prospect get a good deal when you explain that selling direct can save a lot of money and headache.

The idea behind this method is that there is a good percentage of these people holding yard sales because they are planning to move out of the area. This is where you get the advantage. They know they have to sell and most would rather have everything taken care of before they relocate. Some are even desperate to sell right away depending on the circumstances. It is your job as an investor to explain to them why selling to you, even at a discount is the easiest way to go. Remind them that they will never have to come back for upkeep in the event that the home sits on the market for an extended period of time.

Each weekend make a list of all of the yard sales that you can those listed as estate sales are the ones you should attend first since it is obvious that they are planning to vacate the home. On a good sunny day you might be able to find a few Atlanta real estate properties that haven’t hit the market yet. While paying for your used books and records just ask the homeowner if they are having the sale to clean out the closet or are they planning to move.

Once you find someone who is moving compliment them on their great home and ask if they plan on selling it. The conversation should take on a natural progression from there. Be sure to let them know that you would like then to consider accepting an offer from you before they list the property on the active market for Atlanta real estate. This gives you some time to have a look at the home and come up with an offer for them.

You won’t get every offer, but getting a few pieces of Atlanta real estate in this manner each year is very doable. I’ve seen it done repeatedly and it works more often than you may think.

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