Business Opportunities For Expats In France

This article is about Business Opportunities For Expats In France. France is a wonderful country to live in and if you plan on relocating to France, then there are plenty of business opportunities for expatriates. If you are looking for some good business opportunities in France then first need to focus on the type of business you wish to start. One of the popular businesses is an estate agent. Second home buyers in France mainly consist of a number of buyers from the UK.

Business Opportunities For Expats In France

You can set up your own estate agency; however, you need to apply for a Carte Professionnelle. Until you obtain one you cannot carry out business in the real estate industry in France. Professional property finders are in demand in the country. You get the chance to work independently and earn a decent income as well.

Running a French holiday home or gîte is a viable business option. The French tourist industry is extremely competitive, which calls for a great degree of commitment and focus. Another option is to run a Bed & Breakfast or Chambres d’ Hotes. However, make sure you are well versed with the legal requirements. You can get all the information you need from a local Chamber of Commerce. Setting up a property management company is also an ideal option for an expatriate. The French are well known for their cuisine, which is a good reason to run a restaurant.

Financial consultants have the opportunity to set up an independent practice as a financial adviser. Setting up an online business is another option open to those interested in running a business from home. Whatever business you may seek to establish in France, it is important to understand the legal requirements, tax laws, and the French employment system. Take time to prepare yourself so that you can reap the benefits of running a business in France.

Writing a business plan would be a good start. You can obtain a research report from a consultant on the type of business wish to set up. This will give you a better idea of the feasibility of the business. Market conditions will obviously not be the same as in your home country, and therefore requires a great deal of research.

The next step is to choose the legal structure you need to establish your business in France. You have the option of being self employed Entreprise Individuelle (EI), a sole trader Entreprise Unipersonelle à Responsibilité Limitée (EURL), or a limited company – Limited Company Société à Responsibilité Limitée (SARL). Each have their own set of tax liabilities.

Among the latest developments in French legal structures for businesses is the new l’auto-entrepreneur system for small businesses. This system has been designed to reduce taxes and the financial costs involved in setting up business in France. New startups can pay their tax and social charges monthly, based on their turnover.

Various trade associations and agencies offer advice on starting up a business in France. You may find a host of information online. However, it is prudent to seek professional advice from those well experienced with the business environment in France.

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