Business Meals And Table Manners In Spain

The article gives you information on Business Meals And Table Manners In Spain. Every region has its distinct set of dining etiquettes and table manners. This becomes more evident when you are on a business trip to the country. Spain for example which follows a more conventional culture when compared to other western countries practices dining etiquette very seriously.

Business Meals And Table Manners In Spain

Therefore on your visit to Spain for business purposes, especially if you need to have lunch/dinner with your Spanish clients and partners, it is vital to know the right dining etiquette and table manners. This way, you can keep yourself in the good books of the Spanish associates.

In Spain, a business meal is a great opportunity to establish a good business relationship. Therefore, if you get a business lunch or a dinner invitation from your business associates, you should make it a point to attend it.

Best time for business meal

Generally business meetings happen over dinner time, perhaps a little late, because Spanish people have the habit of taking a little late dinner, unlike other European countries. The best time is to schedule a meeting over dinner anytime between 8:30 pm and 9 pm. However, you can also call your business partners over tea/coffee and occasionally for lunch for establishing personal relationship.

Some basic table manners

– You should make it a point to eat everything. This is because wasting or dumping food is not considered a polite gesture especially in a business lunch or dinner invitation. Therefore, even though the food is tasty, you should be careful while taking a second helping. Take it only when you are sure that it is not going to get wasted.

– You should use both the knife and fork simultaneously. For some dishes, you can use only the fork. Unlike the Americans who prefer to keep their left hand preferably under the table while taking food (except for the time they are cutting), Spanish executives prefer to keep their hands on the table throughout while eating. Keeping your hands aside is considered rude.

– Business conversation often takes place while eating. It is therefore important to place small portions of food in the mouth. This would help you in speaking comfortably.

– In most cases, business meals are buffet spreads. Although Spanish people are food buffs, they are watchful about their conduct during the business dining events. So be careful when you serve yourself during a buffet meal, as others may form an impression about you. It is best to go for a balanced set of choices. This means that the food should be easy to pick and eat.

– When you are through with the meal, keep the knife as well as the fork on the plate in parallel direction. Or else, it will signify that you are interested in taking more food.

– If you want beer, you should ask for a small can. Otherwise, you may get a huge bottle which you have to finish and add to the bill unnecessarily.

It is also important to make yourself free for a post-meal conversation. This is when most business deals take place.

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