Business Leaders – Spain

The following article is about Business Leaders – Spain. Spain is a country that not only depends on tourism, but also depends on its weather. There are many great activities in Spain that simply cannot take place unless the weather is absolutely perfect. For example, there could be bull fighting in Madrid, or a day out on the beach. Without the beautiful weather that Spain is known for, none of it would be possible.

Business Leaders - Spain

Spain is officially a parliamentary monarchy. This is similar to the United Kingdom, which still has a royal official but is also partially ruled by the parliament. Spain has a mixed capitalist economy which allows for it to reach some of the largest GDP’s of any country in Europe. Just like any other country around the world, Spain is feeling the effects of the banking recession across all of its industries. There has been difficult decisions that have had to been made, and the Spanish economy is still in the midst of recovering from the long period of recession.

Spain is known for its tourist industry. It is the second most popular destination in the world after France. This has led over sixty million people a year to take a vacation in Spain. This keeps many people employed in hotels, tours, activities and restaurants that cater to the tourist industry. Another industry which often goes hand in hand with tourism is construction. There has to be new hotels and even new summer homes for those who decided to vacation in Spain. The construction industry in Spain provides all of these wonderful things and more.

Madrid and Barcelona are important cities in Spain. They not only serve as major destinations, transportation hubs and centers of population, but they also are important to business. Many international businesses including airlines, HSBC bank and others all host their offices in one or both of these cities. This allows them to conduct business with customers in Spain while maintaining a physical presence to deal with any problem that may arise.

Another important industry in Spain has been telecommunications. Something that the Spanish have really taken to heart is the fact that their internet connections are fast and readily accessible. This has led many people to relocate to Spain, even if they continue to work. They can simply connect to the internet from their home or office and still telecommute to their workplace. Taxes are relatively high due to many social services and infrastructure upgrades that are made by the government.

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