Business Leaders – Italy

This article tells you about Business Leaders – Italy. Italy has long been prized for its trading economy. Even back to the times of the silk road across Europe and the black plague Venice was a trading center. People would come from across the world to bring their goods and ideas to share with the people of Italy. Today, Italy has still become a powerful country to deal with and you must deal with them in order to have a truly global product or business.

Business Leaders - Italy

Italy is almost considered to be two countries within one. There is a lot of development with many private businesses in the north. These are businesses that run the industry of Italy with heavy production and other means of industrialization. However, the south is almost the complete opposite. Many of the businesses that are in the south are owned by individuals and employ very few people. The southern part of Italy is also much more agriculturally based and does not have nearly as many people working. It has been plagued with high rates of unemployment over the past few years.

The Italian economy is mostly driven by the production of high valued goods. This could be anything from clothing to designer bags to sports cars. Many of these businesses are small and medium sized, with very few large businesses operating. Most of these businesses pride themselves on making the customer feel that they got the best deal possible, however, the prices are not often low.

Another area in which Italy has been encountering some difficulty is with its underground economy. There are many Italians who simply do not work a regular job. They are still involved with corruption or another form of less than legitimate business. Some economists estimate that this part of the economy could make up as much as 10% of the GDP of the country.

Tourism is one of the major industries of Italy. Many people love to come to the country to see Venice and Rome. One of the best parts about being a tourist in Italy is that you can come at almost any time of year. While some parts of the year are colder and snow does fall in the northern sections of the country, it does not cripple the area like it does in the United States, Canada and some areas of Europe. The high point of the tourist season is in the spring and early summer. Taxes are rather high in Italy due to many social programs and use of the Euro.

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