Business Leaders – France

That article is about Business Leaders – France. France has one of the most unique economics across Europe and the entire world. France has been smart enough to diversify itself so that it is able to take on many of the problems that are affecting the other powers of Europe. However, France is still feeling the effects of the global recession that is affecting every country around the world.

Business Leaders - France

One area in which France is seeing a great amount of growth is tourism. People love to come to France, especially Paris and southern France. Not only does Paris have a draw due to the many land marks and monuments, but it has also been immortalized as the city of love. People love to fall in love, and Paris is the perfect city to do so. There are over 62 million people who come to Paris for tourism each and every year! This has led to a bustling travel industry, hotel and lodging industry and even restaurants industry.

There are many major companies that have their headquarters in France as well. Such large companies as Air France, Renault, France Telecom and more all are based within the borders of France. Many large luxury shopping companies also have stores along the Champs Elysee in Paris. France has the third largest income in the world from tourism. France has also done better throughout the economic crisis due to continued spending by the government and private consumers. When many of the people in other economies were tightening up their purses, the French were spending more and more.

France also has a policy of a large amount of social spending. This could be to create programs to help the poor, assist those who are downtrodden, or simply to house those who come to France and are unable to find work. While you might think that many countries do this, France takes it to the next level. Government spending on social assistance programs is a large part of the government economic spending, and is increasing every year.

Taxes are also very high in France. This is due to the VAT, which is common across Europe. However, it is also partially due to the many social programs that the French government has launched. While they are noble, they have to be financed, and that money often comes from the common taxpayer. France will continue to do well in the future thanks to its well distributed and vibrant economy.

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