Business Leaders – Canada

That article is about Business Leaders – Canada. Canada is one of the most unique countries in the world. While its government is still socialist in nature, it has aspects of the free market economy and several other economic systems worked in. In addition, Canada is a very large country as far as land mass goes. This has opened up many different types of opportunities not only for the citizens to be employed in Canada but also to start their own businesses.

Business Leaders - Canada

Canada’s overall economy is worth well into the trillion dollar range, and has many unique business niches to support it. This has helped Canada to suffer through the recent troublesome economy much better than its neighbor to the south, the United States. The NAFTA and other trade agreements have helped Canada to get more international trade with its near by border brothers. Canada is also a large supplier of energy, however, most of it flows to the United States. This includes everything from oil, natural gas, and even electricity!

Canada’s financial institutions are much more conservative than most. They do not give out loans based on false or inaccurate information. This has helped them to whether the storm of the international recession much better than the United States or any other country. While the Canadian dollar is not exactly strong at the moment, it is doing better than some of the other major currencies that are out there.

One of the major industries that Canada is famous for, is fish products. Not only does the country have a large coastline where it is easy to catch large quantities of fish, but these are the type of fish that many people want to eat. The country has been exporting them to many other countries for the past few years, and through smart fishing practices has continued to ensure that there will be fish available for use in the future.

Canada is also a major player in the auto industry. This is particularly true in Ontario, with Windsor being so close to Detroit. The government has even gone so far as to help General Motors succeed in Canada. They have given billions of dollars in funds to the ailing automaker in order to ensure Canadian jobs are protected. While not everyone will buy a General Motors car or eat Canadian fish, the government of Canada does take a large amount of national pride. However, the taxes that Canadian businesses pay are extremely high due to its socialist policies.

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