Business Leaders – America (USA)

In the article I’ll tell you about Business Leaders – America (USA). The United States of America economy is the single largest economy in the world. Its gross domestic product is $14.4 trillion, thrice the size of its nearest competitor, Japan. Unemployment is low, with gross domestic product per capita at $47,422, ranking the U.S. at a respectable 13th in the world, and constantly on the rise. This is fuelled by heavy capital investment, by local, and international, investors.

Business Leaders - America (USA)

Another boost to the economy of the U.S. is the highly attractive nature of their labour market. This, in turn, is due to the fact that United States workers are the highest paid in the world, on a per hour basis. Immigration is high, for this reason, and the rapid influx of workers, combined with the ready availability of investors, and venture capitalists, new enterprises spring up constantly – further stimulating the economy.

The U.S. economy also sees rapid growth due to its status as a crucial financial center. It houses many of the world’s major stock, and commodity, exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and Commodities Market Exchange. Investors, from around the world, capitalize on these markets and international companies list their shares on the U.S. stock exchanges expecting great financial gains, fuelled by the ready availability of investor funds.

One flaw with the U.S. economy, as managed by the current administration, is that the government tends to use taxpayer funds to bail out business that it deems “too big to fail”, most notoriously AIG Insurance.

These are companies that have grown so large that their collapse would have a potentially disastrous effect on the economy. Were it not for government intervention, in this manner, the recent economic crisis would have been far worse as big business fell apart, dragging down the GDP with them when tens, of thousands, of Americans being put out of work.

To this end, President Barack Obama has proposed measures to keep companies from growing to a size where the entire U.S. economy could suffer from their failure. Despite these hardships, however, the U.S. economy remains strong, and the largest, most heavily invested economy in the world.

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