Business In Russia Versus Business In USA

In the article it is spoken about Business In Russia Versus Business In USA. For as long as man can remember, doing business has always been a very lucrative way of making your daily bread. Many a young man has set out from home with the hope of starting a good business and then making it big and hitting the jackpot after a few years, and then settling down with retirement in a secluded island that belongs to him. I can’t argue with that logic, or that kind of planning.

Business In Russia Versus Business In USA

For today, almost every day, you see news of new businesses coming up, or how existing business agree on some tie ups worth multi-million dollars. And I can’t think of a single person who hasn’t thought “Man! I wish I could make that kinda money!”

So yes, the world of business is certainly the most the most lucrative and perhaps the most rewarding of all. Businesses, in my opinion, are the real tests of strength and skill, for it is impossible for a business to flourish overnight. It takes real planning and skill to work up the best environment and taste success.

As a budding businessman, you are probably trying to read all that you can, to give yourself that competitive edge. And this article will help you too!

Businesses vary from country to country. So even if you have a good idea about business in one place, it doesn’t mean you will be able to run your business the same way in a different country. A different country is basically a completely different environment, so you cannot expect the factors to play out the same way wherever you go. Let us compare the business worlds in the USA and Russia, for instance.

The United States of America has come a long way after the Industrial Revolution, and has pioneered the way for businessmen all over the world. The picture of an American business is one that many people look up to as inspiration. America’s business culture is quite open, in the manner that the people who conduct are very friendly with each other even on a personal level.

Most things that happen in the United States of America are very, very transparent; hence you know what is happening in your business, at every single hierarchical level, right from your engineering research team, to your vice president; you are informed of everything. You generally do not need to worry about interference in your business, because of the fact that the business mindset in the United States of America is such that people go around doing their stuff amicably, without causing a fuss.

Now take a look at Russia. The business scene in Russia is quite different from the model described above. The people in Russia are very dependent on close ties; hence you stand a better chance of doing well in business, if you impress your investors/partners. They are very close people; hence relationships play an important role.

As opposed to United States of America, things can take some time to happen in Russia, but this is no sign of incompetence. The Russian people are very proud of themselves and their culture, and hence it should be noted that you should never incense your Russian counterparts.

On the whole, business in any new country is a whole new ball game, and it is up to you to take control of the situation, and hit the jackpot.

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