Business In Dubai

The article gives an analysis of Business In Dubai. One of the newest hubs of marketing and management in today’s world would be Dubai. The Arabian Gulf is rich in oil and mineral resources. This makes it a rich economy and enhances its richness and beauty. The basic fact that Dubai is rich makes it a place of avid tourist interest and thus with its various business schemes too, Dubai is the place to be in.

Business In Dubai

Business opportunities are high in Dubai and this is evident from the fact that many business opportunists are planning to settle in Dubai and try their luck here. This is a gold mine of a place and it’s believed there’s money everywhere, provided you know how to look for it.

As there are many investors who are planning to invest in Dubai, for business purposes and the alike, it is important for them to know that the emirates has changed certain rules and regulations regarding doing business there. Thus there is a need for the common mass who wants to settle in Dubai to know at least, an overview of the business plans and the changed regulations in Dubai, before they think of any kind of investment here. There have been certain laws that have been reframed.

The government takes interest in the ongoing business affairs in Dubai and has thus has set up a few laws regarding the kinds of business organizations that can be set up in Dubai. According to them, there can be seven such organizations. The first of its kind is the private unlimited company. This is similar to the companies that are independent but have enough revenue on them to make it famous and a known name in the world of business and management.

The second type of company is the joint liability company. This is a kind of coalition between two or more business sectors, who share the profit amongst themselves. There are many such companies that make a joint effort with foreign companies to do trade in Dubai. This ensures that the profits and losses are shared equally by the two or more companies that make the joint venture.

The third type is the limited liability company. These are companies that know how to cut their coats according to their cloth. This means that these companies know their limits and have limited capital at the end of any profit or loss. These companies are good for business purposes and can be trusted. The next kind is a private joint-stock company. This kind of company is owned by the people who have bought shares in the particular company. The next type is the simple commandite or Liability Company.

This is a company that has limited debts in the market and yet is known to take care of such problems. The penultimate type is the public joint stock company that belongs to a lot of people because of the manner in which funds are raised. The last type that is allowed to do business in Dubai is a share commandite company.

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