Business Etiquette In Spain – Dealing With Clients And Partners

In the article I’ll tell you about Business Etiquette In Spain – Dealing With Clients And Partners. When in Rome be a Roman and consequently when in Spain, behave like the Spanish. This should be the motto while doing business in Spain. Every country and region has its own set of etiquettes while doing business and Spain is no exception. In fact, to deal with clients and partners successfully in the country, you should have a fair idea about the business protocols. Here are the few ground rules.

Business Etiquette In Spain - Dealing With Clients And Partners

Learn good business practices

It is advisable to do a thorough research while you are in Spain for business travel. Read up on the business etiquette information on the Internet, business magazines and books. You should also meet up people, preferably Spanish-speaking people or those who know the Spanish protocols to learn the good business manners.

Know about the culture

Before you travel to Spain for doing business, it is very important to learn the culture. If your client is from a modern corporate or multinational, there would not be much difference in the business practice from that of the U.S. However, a conventional Spanish firm would strictly follow the Spanish way of doing business. So there should not be a culture shock when you do not understand the client in your business dealings.

Dress up in a formal and conservative style

For business dealings, it is always best to dress up in a formal manner. Spanish people prefer conservative dresses with subdued colors for the purpose. Moreover, most people are quite brand-conscious. So you can dress up accordingly. Both men and women dress in a sophisticated manner depending upon their success in business. It is best not to wear anything flashy.

Maintain a friendly disposition

The business gestures are overall quite cordial in Spain. If you start your business with a Spanish counterpart or look for a prospective client for some business deal, first discuss casual things. Spanish people prefer to talk and get to know your better before they start discussing business. It works a lot on understanding the psyche of the client.

Greet people well

When you are at your client’s office in Spain, it is important to greet people well. Greet your associates politely and have friendly conversations with them. Say ‘hola’ when you enter and ‘adios’ when you leave. It would also be courteous to greet the liftman and security guard.

Deal patiently with negotiations

When dealing with any business negotiations, you got to have patience if you are from a western country. It is not a short process. If you find your clients opinionating and interfering, it indicates that they are interested in the deal.

Fix an appropriate time for meeting

If you have a meeting with your potential or existing clients, a late meeting would be ideal. Spanish associates generally prefer to conduct their business over dinner. Do not schedule meetings on Fridays and Saturdays. Holiday seasons like the month of August is not right to conduct business in the country.

By knowing the culture of Spain and cashing in on your client’s psyche, you can get good business deals and run your venture effectively in the country.

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