Business Development Center

This article is about Business Development Center. Comfort plays an important role in development of any business. If the business you start is not beneficial to customers, it will be a failure. Area in which you set up a business plays a major role in its success. Creating a business friendly environment and working closely with government agencies has made businesses of Las Vegas, Nevada successful.

Business Development Center

City of Las Vegas closely works with business organizations and government agencies. It has good relations with business organizations like U.S. Small business administration, Las Vegas chamber of commerce, Nevada development authority, urban chamber commerce, Latin chamber of commerce, and North Las Vegas chamber of commerce.

Las Vegas is a business friendly city. It helps private businesses grow. Diverse population and attractive business climate has made Las Vegas popular. Las Vegas has a remarkable tax structure. It gives tax exemption to private businesses, and allows them to run business without any disturbance. Every year nearly 32 million visitors visit Las Vegas for business purpose.

In order to start a business in Las Vegas first thing required is a business license. This license allows people to operate a business in Las Vegas, temporarily or permanently. People who wish to know details about how to setup a business in Las Vegas should contact the “Planning and Development Department, Las Vegas”.

This department provides necessary details to new entrepreneurs. Any individual who wishes to set up a business should first take a business opening application form from this department, fill it and submit it to the department. Once application for Las Vegas Business License is submitted, the applicant will get a license within 60 days. The entrepreneur should also fill the application form of the Nevada Department of Taxation. This form is a proof of guarantee, which says that an entrepreneur will pay tax to government regularly.

Las Vegas planning and development department reviews the area, where a person is going to start a business. It will enquire about the business, estimate business actual cost, and understand business importance. The planning and development department determines zoning compliance.

The Las Vegas fire service department determines fire safety code compliance and gives a certificate. Among all the businesses, starting a restaurant is difficult in Las Vegas. If you wish to setup a restaurant in Las Vegas, make sure that foods you serve there comply with Clark County Health District’s regulations.

Cost of a license application varies depending on the type of business. Generally a person has to spend $25-$1500 on an application form for obtaining a license. For small scale businesses, license will be issued without any formalities. For running a large scale business, an entrepreneur should apply for a license in advance. The license will be issued only after all verifications. Cost of the license will be more in case of a large scale business.

Extra money will be charged if customers look to shift business located in one area to another area. Home operated businesses are also popular in Las Vegas. Special license will be issued for such businesses. Home Occupation permit will be given by the Planning and Development Department of Las Vegas, only after it ensures that the business doesn’t disturb houses surrounding it. The cost of a home occupation permit is priced around $25-$50.

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