A Guide To Start Up A Business In Spain

The article is about A Guide To Start Up A Business In Spain. Prior to starting up any new business endeavor in Spain you must survey the market to ensure that there is enough demand for the products and services you are planning to provide to the customers and the other corporations. No doubt the market in Spain is quite different from the market we find in our native country, but if you are a citizen of European Union, you possess the right to start up a new business in Spain.

A Guide To Start Up A Business In Spain

Firstly, the most important thing you are supposed to do is to obtain an N.I.E. number. It is acquired from the police station. This number is for the identification of foreigners and is mainly required for the purposes of taxes. To obtain this number you have to visit the police station along with your passport and have to fill up a form there. This number is provided within one month after the submission of the form.

You have to register your new business in Spain at two different levels. First level involves the registration with the local body i.e. town hall. It basically provides you with an opening license with the help of which your business will be defined apparently and the type of trading by your enterprise will also be notified. The second level is the national level, where your business will be registered with the body that is similar to Inland Revenue Office. But in Spain that body is addressed as IVA Office.

You must know Spanish in order to fill up all the forms required in the completion of the registration process. In case you are a novice to the language then you can get your work done at a reasonable expense through the Gestoria, a person who carries out with form filling process in Spanish on your behalf, which is otherwise difficult for you to do own your own.

The next step is to make a plan about the format of your business. At this step you are recommended to take some advice from the legal representatives so that you can decide on well about the type of business that suits you and your ability the best. The following are the main business types:


Empresa Individual

This is equivalent to the business being run by a single person i.e. only one person is the owner of the premise as well as all the business transactions.

Sociedad Civil

This is similar to working in partnerships i.e. a joint venture is there where many persons work together in order to achieve success.

Sociedad Limitada

As the name suggests it is a sort of incomplete company i.e. limited in business activities where there are limited number of shareholders that are registered with the company and the business assets are also limited.

Sociedad Anonima

It is equivalent to a well flourished, big enterprise where there is no restriction on the number of shareholders and also the business assets and resources are much more than those in Socieded Limitada.

These are the different business structures available for trading in Spain.

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